Thursday, June 5, 2014

So I've wanted to talk to you about this for a while now, but even four minutes is hard to find!  In fact, it's almost as hard to find four minutes without a "real job" as it with one.  Of course, the four minutes I DO find now are much more pleasant and come with freshly painted toes!   But anyway, the subject at hand today is one I take very seriously......

Diet Coke.

If you know anything about me, you know my love for Diet Coke ranks right up there with my family, bedazzled flip flops and free shipping.  It may even trump free shipping.  I crave it before I open my eyes in the morning as most dreams contain vivid images of tiny little bubbles rising to the top of an ice filled glass.  Usually being carried on a tray by David Beckham but that's another blog post altogether....

I even have a definitive ranking of HOW I like my Diet Coke:

#1.  A 20 ounce bottle fresh from a near arctic level cooler.  The ratio of carbonation to beverage in this method of delivery is 100% perfect.  

#2.  From a can into a glass of ice with a twist of lime.  Lots of ice, and if possible, a straw.  A can without the glass is acceptable only in the case of an emergency.

#3.  From the fountain of a sit down restaurant where my Diet Coke is frequently refreshed by an over eager server.  I make it worth their while, trust me!

#4.  From a drive through or convenience store fountain.  Wendy's is preferable to McDonalds, but only with extra ice.  However, if McDonalds is the only choice, it's just as good in a FOAM cup with a McDonalds straw.  They have a larger diameter and are better in general.

The point to this is to show you how much TIME I devote to thinking about Diet Coke.  It occupies a good, no, a GREAT portion of my day.  And i know it's bad for me.  That's why I've made several failed attempts at kicking the habit.  I've gone as many as 27 days without a Diet Coke.  But then..... pizza.  Or brownies.  Or oatmeal.  Some things just taste better with bubbles.

As I write this, I am less than 24 hours away from a conference in Baltimore I've been looking forward to and anticipating for months.  I have everything ready, I have all my ducks in a row.  I even have a cute little 1950's dress (and matching shoes, natch!)  for the Retro Prom on Saturday night.  What I don't have are the balls to ask how and where I can secure Diet Coke in the middle of the night from my dorm room.   And this is a problem.  

#justforthetasteofit  #prayingforvendingmachines


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