Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So here we go.......

As promised to millions of eager readers -- ok, rewind..... As promised to my cousin Jowi and a few other kind and placating friends, here it is.... my attempt at channeling all that sarcasm and wit that pulses through my veins with such vapidness into something that may, in fact, actually do some good out there.  Maybe it will make you smile.  Maybe it will make you cry.   Maybe it will make you question if I took my meds before sitting down at the keyboard.  If nothing else, hopefully it will make you think. 

Why four minutes?  The answer is simple really.  As a working wife and mother and card carrying competitive shopper, four minutes is about all I really get at any one time.  And by that logic, four minutes is about all I can expect you to commit to these rants.  Madonna and Justin Timberlake, two people I consider to be incredibly credible sources on the topic of how much time one really needs to save the world, told us we only get four minutes.  So four minutes it is.  And like any other registered member of the Justice League of America whose superpower is shopping ( I can't be the ONLY one....), I bet I can also pull off a fabulous pair of Kate Middleton worthy nude pumps before the buzzer goes off.

And with that, I leave you breathless, anxious, desperate.  I leave you, I'm sure, with your right pointy finger frantically rolling that little wheel on the mouse looking for more.  There will be more, I promise.  And there will be shoes.  By God, there will be shoes.

love ya,
or as my friends call me,
Her Royal Highness, Lady Kitty Dementia